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Enrollment Procedure

        (1)   Make an appointment with the centre for the Enrollment.

        (2)   Fill in the Enrollment form from the centre.

        (3)   Submit the Child's / Ward's  -  Passport-size photograph (1 copy)

                                                                     -  Vaccination Summary

                                                                     -  Birth Certificate

        (4)   Submit a copy of both parents' / guardian's Identification Card.

        (5)   Make payment for   - a One-Time Registration Fee,

                                                     - a Refundable 1-month Deposit 

                                                     - a Monthly Centre Fee

                 in terms of Cash or Cheque.

        (6)   Make payment for the assessment books and other materials used in the centre yearly.

        (7)   If applying for MSF subsidy (for low-income families) , parents / guardian are/is to submit:

                           - Pay slips  ( the latest 3 months )

                           - Central Provident Fund (CPF) statement  ( the latest 1 years )

                           - Income Tax statement

                           - Company's Letter of Employment

                 for all members with the same household address as stated on their Identification Card.


       (8)   For single parent, documents will be needed to verify his / her current status.

       (9)   No subsidy is allowed if the mother is not gainfully employed.

       (10)   The employment status of parents will be review bi-annually by the centre for eligibility for subsidy.                                


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